In Situ Data Analytics for Next Generation Molecular Dynamics Workflows

Molecular dynamics simulations studying the classical time evolution of a molecular system at atomic resolution are widely recognized in the fields of chemistry, material sciences, molecular biology and drug design; these simulations are one of the most common simulations on supercomputers. Next-generation supercomputers will have dramatically higher performance than do current systems, generating more data that needs to be analyzed. The coordination of data generation and analysis cannot rely on manual, centralized approaches as it does now. This project aims to transform the centralized nature of the molecular dynamics analysis into a distributed approach that is predominantly performed in situ. Specifically, this effort combines machine learning and data analytics approaches, workflow management methods, and high performance computing techniques to analyze molecular dynamics data as it is generated, save to disk only what is really needed for future analysis, and annotate molecular dynamics trajectories to drive the next steps in increasingly complex simulations’ workflows.


Funding Agency: NSF